1. The Drying Period Extends
Lint buildup in the dryer vent restricts airflow, trapping hot, humid air within the dryer. If your cycles are taking longer to complete or your clothes are still wet after a cycle, it’s time to clean your dryer vent.

2. The Dryer is Overheating
If the dryer or the clothes you remove from it feel excessively warm, it indicates a buildup in the vent preventing proper drainage.

3. The Hood Flap Does Not Open
The hood flap over the dryer vent should open when the dryer is in use. If it remains closed, it’s a clear indication that the vent needs cleaning, as blocked airflow increases the risk of fire.

4. You Cannot Remember the Last Time You Cleaned the Dryer Vent
For optimal performance and fire prevention, clean your dryer vents once per year. If you don’t recall the last cleaning, it’s been too long. Schedule a cleaning or hire a professional like Pro Shine Professional Cleaning.

5. Burning Smell
A burning smell from your dryer is a severe issue, potentially indicating a fire inside your dryer vent. Lint is flammable and will catch fire if the vent or exhaust tube gets too hot. Stop using your dryer and contact your HVAC company immediately.

6. Lint Hanging Out of Your Outdoor Vent Opening
If lint has accumulated around your dryer and outside where the dryer vents, it’s time for a professional cleaning service.

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