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Georgia’s sixth most populous and largest county outside of Atlanta is Chatham County. It serves as the core of the Savannah metropolitan area. As per the United States Census Bureau, Chatham County had a population of 295,291 people in 2020. 

The Ogeechee River forms the border between the Savannah River and the northeast and southwest. Most of Chatham County is in the Ogeechee River Coastal subbasin, which extends from Bloomingdale to Tybee Island. The lower Savannah River subbasin of the Savannah River basin is north of that line. Conversely, Chatham County is in the Ogeechee River basin’s lower Ogeechee River subbasin.

Remember that Chatham is Georgia’s most popular tourist location when planning your travel. Situated at the northernmost point of the Atlantic Ocean, the beach welcomes thousands of visitors annually. See Chatham Lighthouse Beach’s accessible harbor and dune strips. Naturally, you won’t have to deal with the crowds of people from the city while you’re here, as you can instead take in this historic fishing village’s seaside beauty and charm.

Chatham County, located on the Atlantic Ocean’s shore, has become a popular tourist attraction. Conversely, the mainland boasts charming lanes, undiscovered lighthouses, mouthwatering seafood, and magnificent mansions. A great view of the coastline and the Atlantic Ocean can be seen from the Chatham Lighthouse. For children, it’s a beautiful learning experience.

The Atwood Museum of the Chatham Historical Society is another essential site. The museum’s gallery exhibits, paintings, and unique recollections of specific locations and individuals will captivate you. This journey will also allow you to better understand Chatham’s past and present. The main display at the renovated Chatham Odeon features images of the county’s main thoroughfares.

Some of the most breathtaking scenery may be at Harding Beach in Chatham. Because of its ample size and proximity to the beach, the parking space makes it easy to stroll around and enjoy the breathtaking sunset. Take a half-hour stroll along the beach to the sandpit overlooking the entrance.

The Chatham Pier is tucked away at the base of the steep ascent. It’s a well-kept secret in Chatham because it’s simple to miss. Conversely, you can park downward and climb uphill from the beach to reach Chatham Pier. Visitors also like to watch the offloading boats arrive during the day since many seals always await food. When you’re ready to buy fresh fish, head down the street to the Chatham Pier Fish Market.

There are plenty of things to do in Chatham City that are relatively inexpensive. You might see a range of beach houses and cottages in the county. Chatham enthralls tourists by allowing them to meander through narrow streets and put themselves in the shoes of Main Street locals. Because of the distinct nature of the architecture, you may walk about the neighborhood and take it incompletely. Numerous Chatham homes compete with the most spectacular beach vacation destinations.

There’s nothing quite like vacationing beside the Atlantic Ocean to appreciate the grandeur of Chatham County. Almost every street ends at the sea in Chatham, especially along the coast. If you love the beach, Chatham’s fine white sand and inviting blue waves will make you happy. The best part of the town is that the residents are friendly, and their concentration is on the seals’ favorite hunts.

Lovely Towns to Visit in Chatham County

Port Wentworth

Georgia’s Chatham County is home to the town of Port Wentworth. With a total population of 6,529, the town is in Eastern Georgia at 32° 9′ 52″ North, 81° 10′ 48″ West. Its area is 11.22 square miles. This city in Chatham County is conveniently located between the neighboring counties of Bryan and Effingham. Port Wentworth is conveniently close to the Georgia Ports Authority, Tybee Island Beach, the Historic Savannah District, and Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. It is reachable from Georgia via the northernmost exit (Exit 109) on Interstate 95. At the base of that exit, the city center extends in both directions and is three miles south on Highway 21.

Located in Chatham County, Port Wentworth entices visitors to explore its allure with a distinctive blend of outdoor activities, history, and cultural attractions. This friendly community has something to offer everyone, from the picturesque Tom Triplett Community Park to the historic Old Town. Here are things to do in Port Wentworth:

1. Old Town

Entering Old Town is like going on a walk through history. This ancient district’s cobblestone streets and well-preserved structures highlight the city’s rich legacy. The streets have charming stores and neighborhood restaurants, making them ideal for a leisurely afternoon stroll. History buffs will find it an exciting experience as the historical ambiance is enhanced with instructional plaques that tell the story of the city’s past.

The Stand By Me Monument is one prominent feature in Old Town. This moving sculpture honors the community’s tenacity in adversity by symbolizing strength and unity. The monument’s significance often comforts visitors, making it a must-see in Port Wentworth.

2. Tom Triplett Community Park

Tom Triplett Community Park offers many recreational opportunities for individuals searching for outdoor experiences. The park is a lovely setting for family get-togethers, sports, and picnics because of the lush vegetation surrounding it. Fishing and bird viewing are available in the park’s tranquil lakes, which enhance the leisure experience with a hint of nature.

The park is excellent for nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts because of its beautiful walking and bicycling pathways. Kids can have fun on playgrounds that are made to be safe and enjoyable. Tom Triplett Community Park accommodates a wide range of interests with its sports facilities, which include soccer and disc golf, guaranteeing an enjoyable day for guests of all ages.

3. Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum

The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum honors the heroes of World War II and is just a short drive from Port Wentworth. This museum will captivate history fans and aviation enthusiasts with its vast collection of relics, aircraft, and interactive exhibits. The goal of the Air Force Museum is to preserve the legacy of the Eighth Air Force, and it succeeds brilliantly in doing so with exciting exhibits and instructive activities.

Exhibits detailing the experiences of the courageous men and women who flew in the Eighth Air Force during the war are open to visitors. The museum provides a thorough insight into a significant period of American history, featuring everything from famous aircraft like the B-17 Flying Fortress to individual tales of bravery.

4. Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is close to Port Wentworth, which will appeal to those who enjoy the outdoors. This vast reserve offers a home for various wildlife and is only a short drive away. Birdwatchers can see migratory birds, and alligator sightings are frequent in the marshes. Visitors may fully appreciate the Lowcountry’s natural splendor on well-kept pathways.

Numerous species depend on the refuge as their home, and its environmental education initiatives help spread the word about the value of protecting wildlife. Those who visit the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge can re-establish a peaceful connection with nature by getting away from the bustle of the city.


Pooler is between Interstates 95 and 16 northwest of Savannah, Georgia. Pooler is the epicenter of economic development in west Chatham County. JCB, which manufactures construction equipment, is a significant firm that has been successfully drawn to the area. Godley Station is a hub for economic development. Additionally, Blue Force Gear, a maker of military gear, has its headquarters in Pooler. Furthermore, a private aircraft manufacturer called Gulfstream Aerospace is situated not far from the city borders. It is one of the top producers of private jets in the US and has a large workforce in Pooler and Savannah.

Low crime rates aid the city’s rapid growth. As a result, Pooler has had some of Georgia’s fastest city growth. Because of its wide range of activities, Pooler, Georgia, is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked tourist destinations. The following are things to do in  Pooler:

1. Throwing A Bear Axe

In Pooler, thrill-seekers are drawn to a new adventure sport called Throwing A Bear Axe. Like bowling, it’s as easy as gathering your friends and renting a lane. But first, an experienced instructor will show you and your teammates how to throw the axes correctly before you attempt to target various point zones on the lane’s goal.

2. Visit the Mighty Eighth Air Force National Museum

There is both history and activity at the Mighty Eighth Air Force National Museum. This museum has an impressive tiny church, outdoor memorial areas, interactive exhibits, and a B-17 restoration effort. 

3. Oglethorpe Speedway Park

One of the most well-liked activities in the south is a half-mile (800-meter) racing track, which may be the source of roaring engines from vehicles and planes. Oglethorpe Park has hosted races since 1951. It attracts fans from around the area and is ideally located in Pooler. In the long term, the venerable tailgate tradition remains something to look forward to, even though the races are typically exciting, with the potential for accidents adding to the excitement. Supporters pull up with grills attached to the rear of their cars.

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